Self portrait of Erin Rambo

I enjoy taking photographs because they enable me to speak with better intention. photography has the ability to bring together language, emotion and time into a single moment - especially black and white. I'm drawn to the contrast, the depths of the simplicity. the world is so confusing and grey, there's something very confident and stated about the world of monochrome. it's timeless, unchanging, still - even if only for the brief creation of that photograph.

human beings are the worst, myself included. but love isn't. what we're capable of makes the human race really great. the moments I capture humans being honest, raw, loving, sad - that's what is special to me, because it's what's special about all of us. all the photos that I prize took a part of me to get them, and a part of the person I was photographing. I think that's an excellent price for art.