there is a certain kind of terror that strikes when artists are asked to talk about themselves, ha. I guess for me in particular I've come to realize this fear is because I speak best visually. for me, photos are my vocabulary, how I speak or more so how I hope to help my subjects speak. whether it's a raw realness, a character in a movie of our own creation, or hell, just some plain southern fun, photographs stand to me as another realm that can help make this one more kind, better understood, and hopefully, more brimming with wonder. after all, aren't our imaginations simply our souls coming to life?
- rambo

Rambo's images have been featured by publications including GQ, NME, Q, RollingStone.com, VICE.com, Essence.com, Sweets, and Garance Doré, and she has worked with brands such as Stetson and VEDA, among others. To contact for future works, send an e-mail to photosbyrambo@gmail.com.